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Welcome to the homepage of PARAGLIDING TANDEM operator company!

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Are you dreaming or thinking over what it would just stretch out your hands and silently glide over the countryside? Have you seen high above you parachutes flying in the sky and dreamed about, to move from the ground and look at the world from above with no engine noise? Change dreams into reality!


  • We are the biggest paragliding tandem company in the Czech republic. Our tandem pilots are real professionals with several hundreds tandem flights and have exceptional experience and expertise. As the only company in the Czech republic we specialize in paragliding tandem flights.
  • We are direct operator of paragliding tandem flights. You communicate directly with us and don´t pay any commission to some seller.
  • You will fly with European record holders! We are holders of Czech and European record - the longest flight in Europe in history - 3355 km from 28th July 2008.
  • We pay special attention to your safety and have insurecne against injury and damage to the third persons and passengers. And of course we use top-quality certified equipment.
  • We have skilled staff (pilots, photographers, assistants, drivers...)
  • You are unique for us and we know taht you want to fully enjoy your paragliding tandem fligth.
  • Read the Guestbook or Your experience for our refernce.
  • We speak english!

Do you know what is the difference between paragliding tandem and tandem jumps from aircrafti? Why choose PARAGLIDING TANDEM?

We are looking forward for common experience and flight!


Original gift

Paragliding tandem flight as original gift!


3. 1. 2010: Paragliding Tandem updated

Paragliding tandem v novémWe prepared for the new season as always very responsibly - we bought brand new tandem glider and harnesses, special cameras for the new DVD video in HD resolution, and you just surf a brand new website.We hope that you like it and quickly find all relevant informations, whether you are interested in a paragliding tandem, want to buy a ticket or gift package or to book your flight date.

We are looking forward to you soon in the air and on the earth! :-)

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