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Sightseeing paragliding tandem flight

This flight is for all of you who want to fully enjoy a tandem paragliding flight at paraglider and see our country from a new amazing perspective. Our experienced pilots are ready to spend your beautiful moments between heaven and earth.

Vyhlídkový tandemový let - ilustrační obrázekVyhlídkový tandemový let - ilustrační obrázekVyhlídkový tandemový let - ilustrační obrázekVyhlídkový tandemový let - ilustrační obrázek

Charakteristics of sightseeing paragliding flight:

  • This is a full-value paragliding tandem flight which takes usually 10-15 minutes of flight
  • Good value ratio price / performance
  • Guaranteed minimum length of time spent in the air is 10 minutes! In the case of a shorter flight, a new flight for FREE!
  • It is possible to buy special THERMIC CHARGE for longer flight (20-30 minutes).
  • The passenger may wish to make an interesting acrobatic maneuvers, such as a spiral or wingovers, which can shorten the flight time, but added to the intensity of experience.
  • The ticket is valid for 12 months after purchase. Exact term of flight can be reserved within this period.

Certifikát a foto na CD

BONUS that you will receive ONLY WITH US!

  • After landing you will receive photos from the flight on a CD along with a certificate!
  • Sightseeing flight can be purchased as exclusive gift package.

Suitable conditions for paragliding tandem flights

Sightseeing paragliding tandem flight can be done during spring, summer and autumn. For specific weather conditions we have a number of places for different wind directions around Czech republic - check WHERE WE FLY. The specific location is chosen due to weather conditions and the number of passengers to the place.

The length of the flight and height above ground

The paragliding tandem flight takes around 10-15 minutes in the air and usually we reach a height of over 300 meters above the surrounding terrain.


Price for the complete flight including photos on CD and certificate of flight is 70 € (1.750 CZK). For a group of passengers it is possible to arrange a discount.

Claims for passenger

You do not need to have any special physical conditions for flying a tandem glider. Children can fly from 10 years age and adults up to a maximum weight of 120 kg. We recommend to use good boots, long pants, a sweatshirt or jacket with long sleeves.


Because we will take off and land on the same site, your friends can take photos or movie from start to landing.

Original gift

Paragliding tandem flight as original gift!


3. 1. 2010: Paragliding Tandem updated

Paragliding tandem v novémWe prepared for the new season as always very responsibly - we bought brand new tandem glider and harnesses, special cameras for the new DVD video in HD resolution, and you just surf a brand new website.We hope that you like it and quickly find all relevant informations, whether you are interested in a paragliding tandem, want to buy a ticket or gift package or to book your flight date.

We are looking forward to you soon in the air and on the earth! :-)

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