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Video on DVD

Would you like to have a real memory for our common paragliding tandem flight and to show your friends a movie from your flight?

Termický tandemový let - ilustrační fotoTermický tandemový let - ilustrační fotoTermický tandemový let - ilustrační foto

As the only company in Czech republic we can offer you an original DVD movie from our tandem flight.

The camera is  controlled directly by the pilot through a special camera mounting. While you will enjoy all phases of flight as launch, flight and landing, the camera you will always shoot it from different angles and perspectives.

This is the authentic video tape without post editing. You do not have to wait for editing, you will get your DVD disc within half an hour after landing!

Price: 40 €

Have a look fot the promo clip. More short movies can be found in our Videogallery.

Original gift

Paragliding tandem flight as original gift!


3. 1. 2010: Paragliding Tandem updated

Paragliding tandem v novémWe prepared for the new season as always very responsibly - we bought brand new tandem glider and harnesses, special cameras for the new DVD video in HD resolution, and you just surf a brand new website.We hope that you like it and quickly find all relevant informations, whether you are interested in a paragliding tandem, want to buy a ticket or gift package or to book your flight date.

We are looking forward to you soon in the air and on the earth! :-)

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